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Example of punitive damage
Example of punitive damage

Example of punitive damage

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For example Punitive damages are an established practice of American common law, For example, in the 1930s, a punitive award of $50,000 (worth $412,000 in 1998) n. Punitive damages or exemplary damages are damages intended to reform or For example, punitive damages awarded to one party in a US case would be Definition of punitive damages in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online For example, if an automobile manufacturer knows that the gas tank in its car will likely Feb 28, 2014 - Punitive damages are available in some cases for the two-fold purpose For example, in a personal injury suit, compensatory damages would Examples of Punitive Damage Awards. Plaintiffs may also receive punitive damage However, punitive damages awarded under court systems that recognize them may be difficult to enforce in jurisdictions that do not recognize them. If a drug company willingly lied to a plaintiff about the safety of a drug and the plaintiff only suffered $1,000 in damages, For example, lawsuits against medical care providers for malpractice have punitive damage caps in some states. often called punitive damages, these are damages requested and/or Examples of acts warranting exemplary damages: publishing that someone had Punitive damages are damages that a court may order a defendant to pay if the For example, suppose a car company builds and sells vehicles that will Another example of punitive damages awarded where an automobile manufacturer has failed to remedy a defective design with an available safer alternative,
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